Science and the Bible

Information in the Bible and in Science

In rabbinical writings as well as in the New Testament, the Word (Information) is taken to be identical with God. Metatron and Memra are rabbinical names for the Word of God. The act of God’s creating is explained in the Bible as the act of the Creator’s speaking. Already 2000 years ago Philo of Alexandria wrote: "God while he spake the word, did at the same moment create". The personified Word (Memra /logos), representing pure information independent of time and space (thoughts, plans) is differentiated from the spoken word (amar/rema), which is a flux of information per time. The hypothesis is presented that a flux of information is equivalent to energy. According to this hypothesis the Creator transformed in the beginning his plan of the universe into his spoken word – equivalent to a huge amount of negative energy and thus created time and space and the beginning of the expanding universe.

Evolution, Information and the Mystery of the Human Mind

Richard Dawkins used a computer model to demonstrate his concept of a stepwise naturalistic evolution. His concept turned out to be an illusion. The idea to generate coded information such as speech or DNA in a pure naturalistic way is based on foundations of thinking which are contrary to physics and which are unable to explain the human mind.