Does the Bible Teach a Young Creation

Some of the questions examined in this article are: Did God create the world within the six working days of one week? Does the meaning of the word “create (Hebrew: bara)” different essentially from that of the word “make (Hebrew: asah)”? What is the importance of the fact, that God had planned the redemption already before the fall? Did Death of animals exist already before the fall? What is the meaning of the statement that God saw everything that he had made, and it was very good”?

The Son of God: Architect, Builder and Heir of all Things

The creative work of an architect begins in his mind; then he communicates his ideas to the builder. The builder puts the ideas into concrete structure, which finally will become the possession of the heir. The Son of God is architect, builder and heir of all creation in one person. This is indicated in Col.1,16 For by him (Greek, en: in i.e. in the mind of the architect) were all things created, …all things were created by him (by the builder), and for him (for the owner, the heir).